These are Some Future Leather Making Materials You Need To Know

Using leather futon is indeed a very interesting choice and can make your home look to be classy and classy. However, from the many types of leather futon materials that you can choose, you should choose the best one that can be used for a long time and does not harm you as a buyer.

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Indeed there are many benefits and benefits of using leather futon that you can more than using other sofa cushions. However, you also have to recognize the various types of leather and materials that become coating on the sofa. some coating materials on leather futon you should also know is

- The original leather

This material is obtained from the skin of the back of the cow, which will give the impression of luxury on the sofa. Genuine leather has a soft and slightly rough texture. Although the price is very expensive because the basic material is rare and processing process is more complicated, this material is durable and easy maintaining because not appear many wrinkles dai surface. This material becomes a perfect material for sofa because of it has surface soft and elastic and high endurance.

- Suede

This is a skin type made from the inside of the animal skin. Suede has a smooth texture, soft, and feels a little hairy. However, this type of skin needs a special attention to remove dirt and damage to the suede skin texture. suede itself has a high price because the processing process is not easy from the skin of natural animals. suede itself now has an alternative to synthetic materials from polyester and others. To produce materials that have a texture that is as soft as the original, then synthetic suede also tends to be easier maintaining because the price is cheaper.

- Oscar

This skin type is an imitation leather made from synthetic materials such as plastic, and rubber or polyurethane which is processed to achieve the original texture and contour of the skin. Oscar has texture is rolling but still soft and like a real skin. This processed leather has a level of strength that is wide and nice. Increasingly, today's technology is processing the composition of imitation leather as well as more and more similar to the original leather.


This material is the basic material in making imitation leather. There are two kinds of this skin, such as soft PVC and hard PVC depending on the thickness and durability of the material owned. This type of imitation leather when compared with the type of Oscar then has a texture that is more glossy and shiny, but still feels like the original leather. The harder the PVC material the luster displayed will become clearer.