In addition to Futon Leather It Several Kinds of Sofa Materials You Need To Know

The sofa is one of the home furniture that you should have. because the sofa has many usabilities than to sit the guests and family members there. A good sofa can also make the look of your house to be good and classy. One type of sofa that is widely used is the leather futon. This type of sofa is made of leather that can make the house look more luxurious and classy.

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In addition to the leather futon, there are several other types that you can use for your house to show the theme of the house you want. Some kind of sofa beside leather futon you need to know is

- Cotton
This is the type of sofa material that many uses and be material of everyone's favorite. The sofa that made this material has texture is smooth and soft but still durable and strong for you to use. Quality cotton influenced also from network adhesion the yarn, the more true meeting that is used when sewing the better also quality cotton. the weakness of this material is not able to resist fire and soil. Due to the fact that this material is often combined with other materials to be able to cover the existing deficiencies.

- Polyester
These are materials that are man-made and not available in nature.
The slackness of this type is more durable, and not easily tangled and not easily torn. This kind of material is often also combined with other ingredients or called polyester mixture. The polyester is often also mixed with materials such as wool and rayon.

- Rayon
The third type of soda material comes from and is produced from cellulose regeneration. This material is selected as a coating material of soda in order to resemble cotton, linen, and silk. However, this material has a much cheaper price and is also durable compared to other types of materials mentioned above. The deficiency of this material is flammable.

- Linen
If you need a strong sofa material, not easy to torn and not easy to fade in the color of the linens to be the right choice of sofa. Linen is a more natural silk fiber to absorb ink compared with other types of materials. Therefore, the sofa that has this material often appear without a motive. The drawback is the type of ingredients in dirty with ease.

- Semi skin
This type of material has the same characteristics as the leather futon. The advantages of this type are easier to clean if exposed to spills of dirt and colored beverages. With these advantages, this sofa material you can choose if you have the children who play actively and often make dirty all the furniture in the house.