Avoid Some of It Because It Can Ruin The Futon Leather That You Have

If you have leather futon at home, then there are some things you need to pay attention to. One way is to clean and care for the sofa so you can use in a long time and do not damage the skin layer of the sofa. because the wrong treatment will only make the futon leather become damaged and the layer becomes thinner.

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Care and cleanliness of the sofa are always maintained. For that, you need to know the various things that make leather futon become damaged and you can not use again. You also have to buy a new leather futon to be able to use it again. Here are some things that can make leather futon become easily damaged.

- Put the couch in the place of direct sunlight
Naturally, hot will cause the skin becomes easy to dry skin. So, place it in a place away from the place with high heat levels such as fireplaces or windows exposed to direct sunlight.
How to test whether leather futon is placed in the right place is put your hands on the surface of the sofa. If the leather couch becomes hot, then the sofa should be moved to another position that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If the surface of the sofa is warm when touched, you need to keep the skin moisture sofas by using a leather protector for the leather futon. Keeping leather futon moist is also a must.

- Cleaning leather futon with detergent
The big mistake you make is to clean the futon leather with a cleaning detergent that contains chemicals that can actually damage it. Detergent materials that can damage the leather futon are silicon, oil, candles and the soapy bun which is certainly not good for you. this does not make it clean, it will further lower the quality level on the leather futon. You can use the vacuum to suck up all the dust stuck in the leather futon. Sucking dust regularly will maintain the cleanliness and color of the leather futon.

- Put a sharp object on the leather futon
Just like human skin, leather on the sofa will also be torn if hit by a sharp scratch the object. It will leave behind on the leather futon and cannot just disappear. So, never use a sharp object on the leather futon you have. Even if you use a sewing kit on a leather futon then you should use it carefully.

- Cleaning stains on the leather futon with water
Use a cloth or material that can suck stains or stains on the couch. Setaqlah the rest of the stains that stick can you press with a tissue to clean it.